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lord voldemort

Harry Potter References aside (I only use them here to help get the point across, they likely won’t be part of the final project), my original text game idea has evolved quite a bit.  The basic idea is to write an App that will talk to you as if he inhabits your phone and that he will try to get you to do silly things with your phone, a la Auster and Calle in double game.  looking at the project now this feels pretty ambitious, so I may have to tone it down in some way but I hope to capture the same personality and character that I felt here

Catching Up

I went to a small high school.  Less than 500 students in the entire school.  For my experiment I sent facebook messages to old classmates.  But only, to classmates I didn’t know particularly well.  This meant that while all of them would know who I am, none of them would expect to receive a facebook message from me.  For the most part I tried to choose classmates who I had never spoken to on facebook at all, even while we were in school together.

So in this case it was hard to get the sample that I wanted since I was restrained by whether or not my old classmates were online or not, but the basic idea was that I would select a few classmates and divide them based on gender and on whether they were older younger or the same age as me.

At first I had trouble getting responses.

not even a nibble

However, after a while I got my first few bites.  And I noticed a few things.  In general, students who were younger than me responded, and did so quickly.



and pretty much anyone who was in my class responded as well (admittedly tho I knew these two pretty well),

class of 2011

and I didn’t get a single response from anyone older than me.


and just for fun here are some extra examples.  The one on the left was a guy I met at wrestling camp around 4 years ago.  I’ve had no contact with him other than this message I received the other.  This gave me a good chance to be on the other side of the experiment which I thought was interesting.  The girl on the left was an Au Pair from Germany who I met at the beginning of freshman year.  I hadn’t spoken to her since then






Sent(o) Back to the Future

sento back to the future


Every part of this comic was made entirely by me with no help whatsoever….

but actually I found the pictures online