The Backend Cleaning Inspectors


Keunwoo Peter Yu
Green Choi
Dylan Bowman
Tae Jun Ham


1. Motion Based Coding environment  (Kinect or Leapmotion)
– Uses gestures to reach, move, and otherwise manipulate code.

2. Physical Therapy (Kinect)
– Shows correct form on screen and allows user to try and mimic it
– Records best match, progress in getting better, warnings to rest when getting worse

3. Coffee Order Counter from Line (Arduino, etc.)
– Have switches that can be accessed from line that allow multiple orders to be placed
– Could be used by coffee store customers (Starbucks, etc.)

4. Security system based on gestures (Kinect)
– Use a special gesture as the key to the system.

5. Outfit recommendation system based on weather (Arduino)
– Detect the current temperature, wind, etc. and make recommendations on the day’s outfit.
– Could be used to help senior citizens go through their daily dressing routinesIMG957096

6. Music recommendation based on facial expressions (Kinect or webcam)
– Choose music to play based on the facial expression the user makes

7. Refrigerator camera to recommend recipes based on contents of fridge
– Recognizes ingredients in fridge and suggests recipes that could be made from those

8. Refrigerator compartmentalized tracks number of accesses to warn against obesity (Arduino)
– Could even apply to non-refrigerator – just use it where you store the most unhealthy items in your kitchen

9. Door control based on pattern or face recognition, primarily for cats and dogs (Kinect)
– Guards against strays and dirty inferior creatures like raccoons and possums

10. Attachment to measure acceleration of punches or kicks. (Wii controler)
– Measure the power and speed of punches or kicks using the Wii controler for entertainment or training purposes.

11. A device  to keep you awake in class based on variable resistor.
– Requires constant change in resistance to not shock you.
– No change indicates falling asleep.

12. Presentation aide based on gestures. Kinect or accelerometer.
– Pointing causes laser on screen that observers can follow
– Swiping allows next slide or previous slide to come up

13. Presentation aide based on voice. (Arduino)
– “Next” or “Back” moves slides forward or back
– “2nd point” highlights second point on slide

14. Voice or gesture combination for pet doors or food dispensers
– Teach cat or dog certain combination of actions that allows pet-door to unlock or food to dispense

15. Garbage can attachement to detect fullness and make alarm (Arduino)
– Once garbage in the bin passes certain height, sounds an annoying alarm so that people actually empty the bin.

16. Webcam device that tells you optimal chiropractic chair height.
– Takes a picture with the webcam and see if the chair is at the optimal height.

17. Device to measure motion, lack of which will trigger alarm to keep you awake.
– Security Guards: Administers caffeine or stimulants.
– At Home: Alarm sounds.

18. LED flash light on your glasses that adjusts brightness according to environment’s light (Arduino)
– Button to turn function on and off.

19. Wireless motor to attach to existing switches using remote.
– Remote control lighting, etc. to existing switches.

20. Auto-spotlight (or fan) that tracks moving objects (Kinect)
– Pre-game functionality

21. Autofan for temperature changes or humidity changes.
– Sensor outside window tracks changes in temp/humiditiy/possibly others (precipitation)
– Changes fan speed/power in room to adjust

22. Sensor in shoes to measure how high you can jump.
– Measures the weight and the force the person exerts to calculate how high he can jump
– No need for a wall with a measurement tape.

23. Light inside bag turns on when a girl opens it and there’s no environmental light.

24. Toothbrush holder that lights up brighter and makes sound warnings if you don’t take it out for too long (like longer than a day or something). (Arduino)
– Light will get brighter, sounds get brighter and more frequent.

25. Toothbrush attachment with accelerometer that recognizes proper brushing technique and length (Arduino)
– Good for kids. Proper recognition prevents false brushing.

26. Toilet attachment that vibrates when the user has been sitting for too long. (Arduino)
-Time management for toilet gamers.

27. Bathroom hygiene circuit that makes sure faucet is turned on after flushing.
– If you flush and then don’t turn on faucet in next 30 seconds, starts buzzing annoyingly, or locks the door.

28. Security system that tracks incoming and outgoing people in a building.
– Ensures that number is even at end of day, or just # of people in building.

29. Laundry Security (Arduino, we picked this idea)
– Can tell if washer/dryer has been opened before it is done (people moving your laundry because nothing else is open)
– Possibly takes a video if it does, or buzzes alarmingly to warn them.

30. Vending machine add-on ensures product dispenses after purchase with motion sensor at the bottom.
– Prevents vending machine damage from people kicking it after stuck items.

31. RC car that follows you around with a flashlight in dark areas.
– Can help certain jobs like plumbers, etc. explore small compact areas like pipes or under houses
– Can possibly turn a different color if sensing hear or light to alert operator of its presence

32. Self-organizing chairs or other furniture objects.
– By remote positioning

33. Chair mat with sensors that tell you whether your posture is okay or not.
– If uneven left or right it beeps to tell you scholiosis alert.

34. Motion sensing screensaver functions for TV. (Kinect)
– Can tell if you fell asleep, and then turns off TV

35. Simple hand/fingertip scanning device. Paper to digital.
– Scan finger over lines of text and it comes up on the screen

36. Book reader that reads out loud as your scan in pages.

37. Remote Controller Finder (Arduino)
– A pair of devices. One is attached to the remote controller, and the other to the actual device (e.g. TV)
– When the remote controller is lost, press the button on the device.
2013-02-22 21.57.24

38. Coffee/Tea Temperature Assistant
– A device you can attach to the cup of your favorite hot beverage.
– Tells you when the optimal temperature has been reached.
– AKA Thermometer 😉

39. Measuring system with fridge that measures BMI and tells you when you’re being too unhealthy.
– Locks the fridge door if you’re gaining obesity points.

40. Video game controller that has biometric ID-ing device that locks the game if you’re playing too much.
– Parents can control how much their kids play video games

41. Toilet device that measures the contents of your urine and warns you with a light if you’re dehydrated or have some kind of problem.
– Too high blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.
– Activated upon flush

42. Public laundry machine that requires your phone number or NETID to activate.
– Texts you a reminder it’s done or before it’s done
– Phone number needed to open the door until after 15 minutes after cycle
– Bills the number a late fee if you don’t show up on time!!!!

43. 3D space explorer (Kinect or leapmotion)
– Can view the solar system and beyond using hand gestures.
– Great for science classes.

44. Biometric sensor smartphone attachment that calculates levels of alcohol or other drugs and locks certain features accordingly.
– Can lock text messaging or calling for certain predetermined numbers. (Family, girls, etc.)

45. Motion based movie player. (leapmotion or Kinect)
– Use intuitive gestures to play/fast forward/rewind/pause movies or any kind of videos.
can change volumes and stuff
2013-02-22 22.04.37

46. Device that uses motion detection or accelerometer to determine when you are dozing off and begins recording sound and/or video.
– Allows sleepy people to review what they would have missed.

47. Thermostat that only opens when a hand is touching it.
-Use variable resistor; it it’s at neutral state, don’t open the lid.

48. Kinect sensor in car that recognizes specific hand motion to start the engine.
– Could be extended to locking/unlocking the doors.

49. Radio sensor that flashes warning light to indicate when police or public safety have entered the building
– Could also use facial recognition to scan for faces older than college age.

50.  App that allows scientists to examine the 3-D structure of atoms or molecules, etc.  (Leap Motion)
– Great learning tool, would be awesome for classes

51.  App for a new textbook interface on the Leap Motion
– Can turn pages, highlight, write in margins, mark favorite pages etc.
– No longer have to buy textbooks, can store all of them on your computer
– Could make it more general as a pdf reader, since most notes and textbooks come as pdfs.

Why We Picked Idea #29

We the Backend Cleaning Inspectors believe in a better world in which everyone can focus on the important things without the distraction and stress from mundane chores. This is why we chose idea #29: stressing over laundry is by far one of the most annoying chores, and we’d like to rescue people from that annoyance. With our new “Clean Safe” laundry security system, people will be able to work without having to worry about the safety of their laundry.

Project Description

  • Target User Group: Our broad target user group will be anyone that uses a public laundry machine.  Our product will allow them to have the peace of mind that their laundry will not be disturbed.  However, narrowing our focus to users that we have access to, we can say that our specific target user group for this project will be students at Princeton University who use Princeton laundry services, especially those who have had problems with their laundry being messed with (either taken out before it was done to make room for someone else’s laundry or something similar) while they were not in the laundry rooms.  Our target user group wants a product that will allow them to have confidence that their laundry will not be disturbed when they leave the room.  Very few people who use the laundry services at Princeton stay there and watch their laundry until it is finished. Our product will essentially do that for them.
  • Problem Description & Context: Our idea addresses the common problem at Princeton of strangers tampering with, moving, or even stealing other peoples’ laundry that is left in the machine after the cycle. The context is the public laundry system at Princeton in which users do not necessarily know when washed or dried laundry will be removed by its owner. This leads to people moving the laundry to potentially dirty places like the floor, where in many cases it is lost or even stolen. This problem may be affected by the time and date, as many students do their laundry before or after classes or on weekends, as well as location, as areas with fewer laundry rooms will be more frequently in demand. These factors can be accounted for statically or dynamically with machine usage data. We propose to solve this problem with an system that will enhance security, responsibility, and efficiency in the laundry room. We hope to take identifying input from the users of the laundry/dryer machines, such as Princeton NetID, phone number, etc. and use it to 1.) send them SMS, email, or other warnings at time intervals and 2.) require this information to unlock the laundry machine until a certain grace period after the cycle has completed (intervals will be calculated based on time, date, and location). This idea may be expanded or refined depending on our capabilities and other environmental factors we encounter in the process, such as adding a fine to late laundry owners.
  • Why Arduino? Arduino offers a good solution because our users will need to input identifying information(netid, phone number, passcode, etc.). We can accomplish this by programming necessary buttons on the Arduino platform. The attachable LCD displays will also come in handy to display remaining times, warnings, etc. Also, Arduino and its supporting programming languages allow us to send SMS and email notifications to our users. In general, Arduino’s compact size and simple construction will allow us to program a clean, user-friendly interface device to attach to existing laundry machines with minimal modifications.