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  1. Brian Gay

    I did not know Mr. Brown, but I did come across one of his books with an inscription and autograph. I am a bit of a book hound and recently at one of my haunts, I saw the title ‘The Achievement of American Criticism’. I enjoy learning different points of view on literature, so I picked it up. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I noticed the inscription was written by the author, so I decided to reach out to him or his family because the message seemed so personal that I feel this book was given away by accident. It reads:

    “To Charlie-
    In friendship – and in
    gratitude for “bravery” above and
    beyond the call of duty.
    “In memoriam”: New York, 1953

    Clarence Arthur Brown
    April, 1954″

    If this is something that the family would want, feel free to reach out to me by email.

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