5 thoughts on “John Darley

  1. Jeannie Steinberg Marver

    We send our very, deep sympathies to John’s family. I attended University High School with John and always admired his high intellect and his dedication to his studies and his friends! He will be sadly missed by all the lives he touched.

  2. Vera

    It was an absolute wonderful experience working with John Darley at Princeton! I will never forget those days!

  3. David Myers

    What I will remember about John–in addition to his legendary work that those of use who are text authors will work to sustain in public awareness–is his kindness. Looking back over his emails to me, I read his encouraging, supportive, and much-appreciated words.

  4. Bill Van Arsdell

    John’s presence was felt – his gentle, intelligent, quiet presence was a gift. I did not know him very well but look forward to getting to know him better through his work – important stuff for us fellow humans: both his life and his work.

    UHS Classmate

  5. Marvin Karlins, Ph.D.

    I remember when John moved into the office I vacated when leaving Princeton for a trip to the outskirts of academia. Like his sister (who I attended high school with), he was a creative person who, when you met him, gave the definite impression that he would be a significant force in his chosen profession. As he most certainly was! RIP my friend.

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