2 thoughts on “David Hazen

  1. Stanley Kalemaris ‘64

    Professor Haven talked me out of changing majors when I had trouble in the Sophomore course in strength of materials and checked up on me from time-to-time during my career. His aircraft design course and his mentoring when I designed a VTOL business jet for my Senior independent work were valuable (maybe even essential) during my career.

  2. Stanley Kalemaris

    I can’t find any link that will let me correct my post, so…
    The VTOL business jet was part of the senior design course (still a major influence on my career and the topic of many conversations with him over the years). The independent work was to design a transatlantic free balloon. Apparently VTOL was too Prof Haven thought I needed more encouragement to think outside the box, but both efforts were challenging and fun. We never discussed lighter-than-air after I graduated, but it seems that he never lost interest in balloons, blimps and dirigibles, as the Naval Airship Association was listed as a preferred recipient of memorial contributions.

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