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  1. Brent Colburn

    “I tell my students, ‘When you get these jobs that you have been so brilliantly trained for, just remember that your real job is that if you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.” ― Toni Morrison

    Thank you, Toni Morrison, for everything you did to change our perceptions, our nation, and this University. One person truly can change the world.

  2. Karin Dienst Post author

    STATEMENT from the family: It is with profound sadness we share that, following a short illness, our adored mother and grandmother, Toni Morrison, passed away peacefully last night surrounded by family and friends. She was an extremely devoted mother, grandmother, and aunt who reveled in being with her family and friends. The consummate writer who treasured the written word, whether her own, her students or others, she read voraciously and was most at home when writing. Although her passing represents a tremendous loss, we are grateful she had a long, well lived life.

    While we would like to thank everyone who knew and loved her, personally or through her work, for their support at this difficult time, we ask for privacy as we mourn this loss to our family. We will share information in the near future about how we will celebrate Toni’s incredible life.

  3. Ben Chang

    It is a sad day in a dark week, but let’s celebrate the life of Toni Morrison and let her story, vision, voice, and creativity continue to shine a light and inspire us.

  4. Leslie R. James

    In the face of such a profound loss, we celebrate Toni Morrison’s life, and all her literary and other contributions to making this world human, and keeping it human. Ostensibly, focus on her live and achievements will be of great service to us during the times we now have to negotiate. We do well to pause and consider the great fundamental questions that she posed at the heart of novels, essays, and lectures. She will forever challenge us to dig further into the deep recesses of our spirit to discover layers of being that will regenerate us, and our sense of common humanity. Deepest condolences to her family.
    Thank you Ms. Morrison for sharing your life and creativity with all humankind.

  5. Arcadio Díaz-Quiñones

    Very sad. But In spite of the sadness, let us celebrate Toni Morrison’s life and works, her courage and commitment, and her generosity. Her novels and essays encouraged us to explore the memory of trauma and to think about the unspeakable and the unspoken. At Princeton, she spoke eloquently about human atrocities but also continually reminded us of the liberating power of art and literature in the struggle for justice. We are grateful for her inspiring presence and for her sustaining legacy.


    Mercy! A giant and mighty oak has fallen but remains a constant voice even from the ancestral realm empowering us to be our best selves. All praises to Toni Morrison who reminds us that “If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.” May we walk in the wisdom of her profound words with grace.

  7. Iris Formey Dawson

    My blog post “TOUCHED BY TONI: How I Discovered, ‘Discovered,’ & ‘Was Discovered’ by Toni Morrison” shares how, as a Princeton student, I journeyed from writing frustration to freedom via immersions in the world of this literary treasure. It relates how 30 years afterward, Professor Morrison gifted me with the kind of affirmation that writers dream of. I hope the piece touches anyone who’s experienced or wondered about the daring of orchestrating a face-to-face encounter with their inspiration.

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