2 thoughts on “Samuel Hynes

  1. George Sarcevich

    I know that he is lost among the stars,
    And may return no more but in their light.

    I will forever cherish what I learned from your class, and even more, the extra time you spent on after class banter with this audio visual operator and veteran’s son.

    RIP Professor.

  2. Peter Paine ‘85

    I was incredibly fortunate to have Prof. Hynes as my JP and senior thesis advisor. He was a scholar and a gentleman. My thesis touched on soldier poets of the First and Second World Wars, in which he took a great interest, maybe more than you’d expect a professor to take. It was not until after I graduated that I learned that he had been a pilot in the Marines during WWII and had seen a lot of action in the Pacific, and then it all clicked. He never mentioned his service in the 2 years I studied under him. He was that kind of man. God bless you, Prof. Hynes. Thank you for your wisdom, and your tolerance of callow youth. You have joined your fellow Marines in guarding Heaven’s streets. No doubt you are teaching them a thing or two about literature. I wish I could listen to the lecture. RIP

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