3 thoughts on “Jameson Doig

  1. joyce Rechtschaffen

    One of my favorite professors at Princeton. I often think back to all I learned in his class on criminal justice and to our incredible field trips, including one to visit Rubin Hurricane Carter in Trenton State Prison. Professor Doig’s interactions with students epitomized the best of the Princeton experience. Thirty two years after this class, when I came back to work at Princeton as director of the Office of Government Affairs, i was very excited to get back in touch with Professor Doig. He was so supportive and proud of my work.

  2. Denise Zapecza

    To Joan Doig: I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your husband. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

  3. Jeffrey Laurenti

    Jim Doig was one of the FAVORITE professors for my MPA class cohort (1974), and because I remained in the Trenton area thereafter I had many opportunities to continue to draw on his insights and research. He was the paragon of a professor of public policy, pushing students (and himself) for fresh ways of looking at policy problems and resolving them. He was also a warm and reflective human being, much beloved in Woo-dom. I have to believe that Joan and the rest of his family know what a precious gift they had in him, and that generations of Woo students share their loss.

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