Supralibros of Marco Antonio Foscarini, doge of Venice, 1695/?6-1763

Arms of
Marco Antonio Foscarini, doge of Venice, 1695/?6-1763. Noted historian and bibliographer.
“He left a rich and very select library of books and manuscripts, which was sold after the fall of Venice in 1799. The Emperor of Austria purchased the collection of manuscripts for 10,800 livres, and they are now in the imperial library at Vienna. A catalogue of the historical part of the collection, consisting of nearly 400 manuscripts, which were among the materials by the aid of which Foscarini compiled his history of Venetian literature, is given at tho end of [his]Storia Arcana (published post-humously, Florence, 1843)” [C.Knight, Biography:or, Third division of “The English encyclopedia” (London, 1867), II, col. 961-962].

Erizzo, Sebastiano. Espositione di m. Sebastiano Erizzo nelle tre canzoni di m. Francesco Petrarca, chiamate le tre sorelle. Nuouamente mandata in luce da m. Lodouico Dolce.(Venice: Andrea Arriuabene, 1561.) Call number (Ex)3134.66. ❧ Another example of a Foscarini armorial binding is in the Graphic Arts Collection:
Barozzi, Pietro. De modo bene moriendi. (Venice: in Aedibus Io. Antonii & Fratrum de Sabio, 1531). Call number (GAX) 2004-3555N