Grace Talbot Cavendish

Lady Grace was the youngest daughter of George Talbot, 6th Earl of Shrewsbury. Recent scholarship gives 1562 as her birth year and ‘after 1625’ for her death. She was married in 1567 (sic!) to Henry Cavendish, eldest son of Bess of Hardwick and Sir William Cavendish. It was Bess who proposed the marriage as precondition to her taking the Earl as her fourth husband. ❧ This copy was also once owned by Richard Heber. It is listed as item 336 in A Catalogue of Heber’s Collection of Early English Poetry (London, 1834).
❧ George Chapman, 1559?-1634.Andromeda liberata. Or the nuptials of Perseus and Andromeda. London, : printed for Laurence L’Isle …, 1614..
Call number (EX) 3672.6.312.