Bookplate of Johann Christian Georg Bodenschatz (1717-1797)

Bookplate of Johann Christian Georg Bodenschatz (1717-1797), German Protestant theologian. Dated both by engraving and in ink “An: 1738.” In his copy of three works by Johannes Leusden (1624-1699) bound together: Philologus Hebræus : continens quæstiones Hebraicas, quæ circa Vetus Testamentum Hebræum fere moveri solent Ultrajecti [Utrecht] : Ex officinâ Francisci Halma, 1686. [with] Philologus Hebræo-Græcus generalis : continens quæstiones Hebr[a]eo-Gr[a]ecas, quæ circa Novum Test. Græcum fere moveri solent Lugduni Batavorum [Leyden] : Apud Jordanum Luchtmans, 1685 [with] Philologus Hebraeo-mixtus : unà cum spicilegio philologico, continente decem quæstionum & positionum præcipuè philologico-Hebraicarum & Judaicarum centurias Ultrajecti [Utrecht] : Ex officinâ Francisci Halma … , 1682.
Call number (EX) 2005-0401N. The book’s owner immediately prior to Bodenschatz was Gustav Georg Zeltner (1672-1738). Both front and back endpapers have early handwritten extensive notes in Hebrew and Latin.