News briefs about related collections on campus

• Art librarian Sandy Brooke and art bibliographer Nicky Shilliam actively acquire rare books for the Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology. Each year they report news of their successes in the annual newsletter of the Department of Art and Archaeology. Their acquisitions build on more than 100 years of collecting, thanks to the generosity of many, but in particular Alan Marquand who provided the core collection and to a substantial endowment established under the family name. See their reports in

2010 Newsletter (pdf, 14mb)

2009 Newsletter (pdf, 15mb)

2008 Newsletter (pdf, 27mb)

2007 Newsletter (pdf, 12mb)

• Staff associated with the Manuscript Division have recently published Greek Manuscripts at Princeton, Sixth to Nineteenth Century: A Descriptive Catalogue, after years of preparation. It is a most substantial work with 250 illustrations, the majority in color. Copies are available from the Princeton University Press.

• Helene van Rossum has posted the first entry in a new blog on campus The Reel Mudd
Films and other audiovisual materials from the Mudd Manuscript Library