Movable Type Enterprise is here


Update: The transition to Movable Type Enterprise as the primary administration interface occurred around 8:50 AM this morning. If you experience any problems, please contact

Princeton University recently purchased a license for Movable Type Enterprise. We will make the move to Movable Type Enterprise at 9 AM on Tuesday, September 26.

For most of our users, the transition will be barely noticeable. The code base for Movable Type Enterprise is the same as Movable Type 3.3. Both products use the same database, the same template tags, the same plug-ins.

An outage will not be necessary. In fact, both systems are currently running in parallel on the server, accessing the same information. Once we make the change, the next time you log-in, you may see a slightly altered log-in screen and will take you to the MT Enterprise admin screen.

The are a few things that you should be aware of with the Enterprise upgrade:

  • LDAP Support: A PU Blog Service user who is also in the Princeton University directory may now log in to the admin interface using his or her Princeton NetID and LDAP password. If you were assigned a Movable Type password, that password will continue to work. We are keeping both password systems in place because we need to support users who are not in the Princeton directory. Keep in mind, though, that changing your password under the Author Profile will change your Movable Type password, not your Princeton LDAP password. Requesting a password reset at the log-in screen will reset your Movable Type password, not your LDAP password.
  • Version Number: The current version number of Movable Type Enterprise is 1.02. The current version number of Movable Type is 3.32. After a site rebuild, many of your site pages may incorrectly report the version number (ex. Powered by Movable Type 1.02). If this concerns you, you can update your templates. Find the following code in your Main Index and archive templates (and/or any other custom templates :
    Replace it with:
  • Admin interface: Not much has changed. Movable Type Enterprise’s admin interface looks almost identical. Here’s the new header: MTE header
    We also added a custom logo in the footer.

Soon after the transition, we will post some additional tutorials to explain many of the latest features added to the Movable Type system, including entry tags and the Widget Manager.


I've been looking into blogging solutions to use at my company and was curious about your experience with Movable Type Enterprise.

I've a few questions.

First, wanted to thank you for setting up my blog with your service! (As the director of The Vagina Monologues here at the University, I'm virtually at

1. Can I use the cool Pton blog icon on my website? If so, how do I get the file/jpg/gif?

2. Can you secure my site, too? How does this work? (What's thwate?)

3. Can we get a list of the blogs at I'd like to interact with my colleagues.


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