Request a Site

Stuffed WordPress mascots sitting on granite spheres near Lewis Center for the Arts.

The Princeton University WordPress Service supports websites related to teaching, research, and communication outreach for faculty projects and officially recognized University groups and programs. We do not support individual sites of a non-academic nature (i.e. personal blogs or websites).

The WordPress service is also available to all officially recognized student organizations and publications, including those sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Students (ODUS), the Office of Religious Life, Campus Rec, and the Pace Center.

Staff or faculty members or student organization leaders who would like a site for their organization or project should fill out the Website Request form in the Princeton Service Portal.

Those interested in course blogs and personal blogs should read the corresponding sections below.

It is against University policy to collect ad revenue (affiliate programs, Adsense, or other pay-per-click services) from pages served off of University servers. An externally hosted solution is the best option for organizations that wish to generate money from their websites.

Course blogs

To request a website associated with a course, please email

You can view examples of course blogs at

Conference websites

WordPress is certainly a viable choice for a conference website; however, the Princeton Site Builder platform has robust event-specific features for single-day and multi-day conferences. Check out the demo site for the Conference Starter Kit.

Personal blogs

While the Princeton University WordPress Service does not currently support personal sites, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) does provide a PHP/MySQL environment where you can install WordPress or other popular content management systems. OIT Knowledge article 1123 has information on the Personal cPanel service, a shared web environment for students, faculty and staff. The cPanel environment offers a feature called Installatron, which quickly installs WordPress, Drupal, and others.

Many external hosting providers have free or low-cost offerings. Popular options include Github PagesGoogle Sites and