May student groups get a WordPress site?

Our WordPress service is available to all officially recognized student organizations and publications at Princeton University.

It is against University policy to collect ad revenue (affiliate programs, Adsense, or other pay-per-click services) from pages served off of University servers. Sites with donation buttons must get special approval from the Office of the General Counsel. An externally hosted solution is the best option for organizations that wish to generate money from their websites.

May I get a WordPress site to use as my personal site?

We are currently only offering sites to University departments, programs, official student organizations, official student publications, faculty, and faculty research groups.

If you want to set up a personal site, your best bet would be third-party hosting services like Github Pages or or Google Sites. If you already own a domain name, you can even use it for a GitHub Pages site for free.

You could also request an site on the Personal cPanel Service and install WordPress via Softaculous.

How do I get a WordPress site?

Please read the instructions on our Request a Site page. We sup­port web­sites related to teach­ing, research, and com­mu­ni­ca­tion out­reach for fac­ulty projects and officially recognized Uni­ver­sity groups and pro­grams.