Test Your Knowledge of Famous Children’s Literature Characters

Classes have just ended here in Princeton and final exams are looming large in the lives of stressed-out undergraduates.   Whether you are nostalgic for the good old days, dear reader, or are just incredibly competitive, try this.

It’s simple.  Look at the following three puzzle pictures selected from a nineteenth-century British toy book.  Each illustration portrays a number of characters from tales well known in the Victorian nursery.   How many can you identify?  The answers, the book’s title, and a few fun facts it will be revealed in a post later this week.




Choose A (on the left) or B (on the right)

No extra credit for doing both…

Answers may be posted by eager beavers on the comments feature of this blog.  Please,  do not send them to the curator, Andrea Immel, as her in-box is already nearly at capacity.  But if you do, she will mark and return it to you.  And she is a remarkably hard (but fair) grader.

Good luck!

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