Energy & Environmental Science now online

EE001001.jpg Today the Royal Society of Chemistry has announced that its new journal, Energy and Environmental Science is freely accessible. They do ask each individual to register for access, however.

A new journal linking all aspects of the chemical sciences relating to energy conversion and storage, alternative fuel technologies and environmental science.

Sustainability — 2 new similar serial titles

“Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy is a new peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides a platform for the dissemination of new practices and for dialogue emerging out of the field of sustainability. The e-Journal fills a gap in the literature by establishing a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion of empirical and social sciences, practices, and policies related to sustainability. Sustainability will facilitate communication among scientists, practitioners, and policy makers who are investigating and shaping nature-society interactions and working towards sustainable solutions.” (From NBII and CSA) There is an entry in our main catalog.

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Environmental Justice — new journal

“Mary Ann Liebert brings out premier issue of Environmental Justice – 15 May 2008

Publisher Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., US, has announced the launch of a new journal – Environmental Justice. Dr. Sylvia Hood Washington of the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health serves as Editor-in-Chief of the journal, the premier issue of which is available for free online at

The inaugural issue focuses on analyses of past and contemporary environmental compliance and enforcement, activism, and corrective actions, environmental politics, environmental health disparities, environmental epidemiology, environmental sociology, and environmental history.”

Source: Knowledgespeak Newsletter May 15, 2008

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International Journal of Environmental Research

International Journal of Environmental Research

Based at the University of Tehran, the International Journal of Environmental Research (IJER) is “concerned with all aspects of environment.” On the journal’s homepage, visitors will also learn that some of the specific fields covered within the publication include natural disasters, environmental design, and risk assessment and management. The journal was started in early 2007, and the executive manager is Professor Karbassi. Currently, there are three complete issues of the journal available online, and visitors can also read about the journal’s editorial board. Interested parties may also wish to read up on how they can submit their own pieces of scholarly work for consideration.

From the Scout Report July 27, 2007.
Bioline indexes this journal. Full text is available. It is searchable via Bioline International, and probably various search engines on the web!

PhysicsWeb addresses the Energy Problem

PhysicsWeb is the website/online version of Physics World, published by the IOP (Institute of Physics) and while it is most definitely not a new journal, it is definitely one to consider for selected physics news summaries. The current issue, July, 2007, has information about nuclear energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, as well as coal.