Sustainability at Princeton University

Contents of the September-October, 2013 Newsletter:

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The Office of Sustainability Welcomes New Staff Members Summer Interns Focus on Higher Ed. Sustainability Collaboration and Organic Gardening
Move-in 2013: Hundreds of Freshmen Receive ‘Sustainability Survival Kits’ Sustainability Promoted at Student Information Fairs
Sustainability Staff Ambassador Program: Consider Joining this Fall! Staff Profile: For One Builder, Impossible Becomes Routine
New Sustainable Fashion Exhibit at the Greenspace Kiosk Where can I recycle this?
Upcoming Events on Campus

National Technical Reports Library: Alternative Energy & the Environment

Vol. 6 (2) of the Newsletter, dated Aug. 15, 2013, lists some key reports about alternative energy, more specifically about solar energy, wind power, hydrokinetic power, biofuels, and geothermal. 

“This issue features a sampling of new and historic information available from NTIS via the NTRL V3.0 and the NTIS website related to the topic of Alternative Energy and the Environment. “ 

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trends; the latest on Carbon Capture and Storage


“This has been a busy and exciting month for Worldwatch’s Climate and Energy team. We published two Vital Signs Online trends, on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and the status of Carbon Capture and Storage; finalized our first Sustainable Energy Roadmap in the Dominican Republic; and continued our tireless research on global sustainable energy issues.”

Alexander Ochs, Worldwatch Institute []