2013 Mentoring Moebius Kick-Off

Hi everyone! Mentoring Mobius is a program run by Math Club where we put potential/current math majors and math grad students into small mentoring groups that meet up occasionally during the school year.  This year, each group will include a few underclassmen, a few upperclassmen, and a grad student who will organize study breaks.For underclassmen, this is a great way to meet people in the department and ask lots of questions about classes, summer opportunities, etc.

For upperclassmen, you get to help mentor freshmen while simultaneously being mentored by a grad student.  This is especially useful if you’re considering grad school.

Once formed, the groups will be able to decide themselves when and where they meet. We usually have a few orientation meetings (+ free food) where everyone meets together.

Sign up for Mentoring Mobius at this link by Friday. We hope to hold the first meeting Thursday, Nov 14 after 7:30 pm.