TSP talk by Silvia Ghinassi

I hope you’re all feeling refreshed from fall break and ready to tackle the second half of the semester! As you learn more math through your classes, keep in mind that attending seminars/colloquia is another important facet of expanding your mathematical horizons. :) We are here to make that easier for you!Silvia Ghinassi, a postdoc at […]


Friday Talk by Yunqing Tang on Elliptic Curves

Hi Nullset, I’m sure some of you have begun preparing for midterms week (can’t believe it’s almost here). There’s no better way to take a break from midterm studying than to head to the next Math Colloquium, which is coming up this Friday!  We will be featuring Dr. Yunqing Tang with a talk on elliptic curves. […]


First Colloquium October 2

Hi Nullset, we hope you all had a great summer. Normally, we’d hope you had an amazing summer, but we know that you didn’t. Why? Because it was missing something important: Math Colloquia! Fear not, because the time has come for our first Math Colloquia of the school year! We will be featuring Professor McConnell from the math […]


Thursday: Lefschetz film screening Inb

Sue Swartz, the wife of Bruce Solomon *83, is working on a biographical project related to Solomon Lefschetz, and has found a short film about his work in the Princeton library. Professor Kohn has arranged for us to show this film, “Fixed Points”, this Thursday, May 9, at 3pm in Fine 314. The film will […]

Colloquium Event

Last colloquium

We’re having our final undergrad colloquium of the year this Wednesday May 8th at noon in Fine 214! Come listen to Murilo introduce one of the most important classes of objects in modern mathematics! Title: What are elliptic curves and why do we care about them? Description: For centuries, mathematicians have studied the integer solutions […]

Colloquium Event

Two Colloquia this Week (5/1 and 5/3)!

In honor of the last week of classes, there will be two Colloquia within the next three days! They say “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” For those of you who showered at least once in April, the flowers are here: Math Colloquiua! In honor of this occasion, I will put 6 GIF’s into this email […]

Event Meet-Your-Professor Meal

Professor Chris Skinner dinner Butler 6pm Thursday (5/2)

Come join us in the Special Dining Room in Butler at 6 pm on Thursday (5/2) to have dinner with Professor Chris Skinner! He’s made great contributions in many fields of math, especially in algebraic number theory and Iwasawa theory. If you need a guest swipe, please let me know. Hope to see you there! Your […]



We’re nearing the end of another year here at Princeton. For me, it’s been the craziest and most stressful year yet, and perhaps you feel the same way. Hang in there! We’re almost done! And you have the Math Club’s biggest, fanciest event of the year to look forward to, an event so grand, I […]