A2 Jonathan Neilan


Person 1 – Early student – chats with friends, goes on facebook or gmail, etc.

Person 2 – Late student – does not/cannot do much other than find a seat and wonder what happened the first few minutes (came from Frick chem lab to COS building)

Person 3 – TA – chats with fellow TAs and reviews outline of today’s lecture or how many people e-mailed ahead for visits during office hours.


1-      Game review of last lecture or any previous lecture material

2-      Trivia quiz of next lecture or any future lecture material

3-      An app that updates when assignments announced in that class are posted

4-      An app that updates when lecture slides for THAT LECTURE DAY are posted

5-      An app to show dining hall food, how full it is, and where/when friends plan to eat

6-      Top (world) news in 10 minutes

7-      Social networking, an app you enter info about yourself and your seat, and it will suggest to you and others to seat next to each other (based on something you have in common)

8-      A program that prompts you to message someone you used to be close to (or your mother)

9-      A quick 10 minute analysis of how well you are faring on accomplishing your daily goals so far. Tracks what has been accomplished, what is there still to do, etc.

10-  Something that reminds of only one of your goals, and in the 10 minutes you have to brainstorm how you will incorporate it into your day.

11-  Something that tracks what you do on your laptop every minute over a period of time, then during that 10 minutes, you can review how you ACTUALLY spend your time

12-  An interactive program to cheer you up, e.g. make you acknowledge good weather, or show you pictures of cute animals, etc.

13-  For irregular journal keepers: a mini-diary that provides prompts, something totally writeable in 10 minutes or less.

14-  Creative writing, but based on prompts that encourage positive thinking (to relieve stress)

15-  An app that provides a quick overview of your google calendar events, meetings, appointments, etc. remaining for that day.


2 Favorite Ideas:

1-      #8 – A program that prompts you, perhaps weekly, to write to family, friends, loved ones, etc.; why? Because I’m so bad at remembering to do that which disappoints mother, and that 5-10 minute time is perfect for writing a quick message to keep in touch with those you care about!

2-      # 7; why? Because it’s a new and funny way to potentially find new friends in a class you may not know anyone in, especially if it is out of your department. Potential study buddies!

Weekly Letter Reminder

Weekly Letter Reminder

Class Potential Friend Finder

Class Potential Friend Finder


From User Testing of Weekly Letter Reminder:

From early student:

– Works great, but 8-10 minutes doesn’t seem like enough sometimes

– Most people he keeps in touch with regularly on facebook anyways, but the reminder is nice.

From late student:

– no love…but she likes the idea


From TA:

– Enjoys it for keeping in touch with colleagues.

– Downside is there’s no point if you do it regularly already via e-mail, etc.