First Math Colloquium of the Year (2019)

Message from academic chairs:
Get excited for a great talk next Wednesday by Professor Zeev Dvir featuring Bubble Tea!

Who? Professor Zeev Dvir
What? The Cap-set Problem
When? Wednesday, February 13 at 4:30
Where? Fine 214
Food? Your choice of either Boba or Bubble Tea
Abstract: A cap set in (F_q)^n is a set not containing a three term arithmetic progression. In a surprising breakthrough three years ago , Croot-Lev-Pach and a follow up paper of Ellenberg-Gijswijt proved a tight upper bound on the size of such sets. The simple algebraic proof of this result has since led to new progress and insights on several other related problems in combinatorics and theoretical computer science. The talk will explain these developments without assuming any prior knowledge other than basic linear algebra.

That’s what I call a Sweet Victory!

[insert here dank meme]

–Nathan and Tristan, your academic chairs