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WordPress 3.3.1 Deployed

Our network is once again running the latest version of WordPress. The upgrade (knock on wood) was uneventful and painless as is per usual with WordPress. The revised Admin Toolbar and the new blue and white Pointer Tips are the first thing that will jump out at blog admins and editors.

Pointer Tips could prove to be useful, even for veteran users; the evolution of the WordPress interface and the addition of new features has sped up considerably over the past year. When a user dismisses Pointer Tips, they stay hidden (their status changes in the database for that user).

The new JavaScript-based, drag-and-drop Media Uploader is a welcome change over the past Flash-based version.

If you are logged in, check out the rest of the new features on the "About WordPress" page under the WordPress icon on the left side of the Admin Toolbar. Feel free to leave a comment after this post if you like any of the new features, or if something really annoys you about the interface.