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Goodbye, old site

The main site of our managed WordPress platform has not had a major redesign since September 2011, when we moved all sites from Movable Type to WordPress.

The new site uses a child theme of the Twenty Twenty theme by Automattic, with some minor Princeton customizations.

We used the full-width template for most pages and simple blocks like cover, columns, paragraphs, and headings.

Principal photography is by Michael Muzzie, who carried a backpack full of stuffed Wapuus (WordPress mascots) around the Princeton University campus on a beautiful October day in 2020.

Looking back, below are three screenshots from previous versions of this site. appearance from 2005-2010
How looked from 2005-2010 (Movable Type) appearance from 2010-11
How looked from 2010-2011 (Movable Type) appearance 2011-2023
How looked from 2011-2023 (WordPress)