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WordPress 3.3 is (almost) here

Update: We have planned the WordPress 3.3.1 upgrade for the morning of Tuesday, January 24, so that the students finishing up fall semester coursework on the system are not distracted by the new interface.

WordPress 3.3 saw its final release on Monday, December 12. WordPress upgrades are usually somewhat painless, but we will be delaying the upgrade of our multisite network for a few weeks. This will give us time to test compatibility with the 75+ third-party plugins on the network. We will also update our quickstart guide. Look for the update after the holidays, the first week of January.

WordPress 3.3 feature pointer

In the meantime, WPCandy has a great rundown of the new features, "Everything we know about the newly released WordPress 3.3." Check out the new admin bar (now called the Toolbar), welcome screen, flyout Dashboard menus, feature pointers, and the brand new drag-and-drop media uploader.

Also, if you first log into with your Princeton netID, the WordPress 3 Essential Training course has added a chapter to the Introduction, “Differences in the WordPress 3.3 interface.”

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Outstanding Issues 9/30

We are working hard to have everything working smoothly, and while WordPress may have infinite possibilities, the time and personnel to implement them is finite. Below are some of the more bothersome issues we are tracking:

  • Guest Account Provisioning accounts are not able to authenticate on any of the blogs in the network. The problem has to do with the @ signs in the usernames. Currently, only normal Princeton netIDs can log in.
  • We do not yet have a simple solution for adding videos that use the PUVOD Flash streaming server.
  • We have some documentation, but not nearly as much as we would like.
  • Https works just fine, but forcing https by redirecting from http to https causes our load balancer to infinitely loop the redirect.
  • Our Movable Type users will have to suffer with that aging platform just a little while longer as we migrate dozens of sites.
  • There is not a separate server for staging content or a multistage workflow as with Roxen CMS. Posts and pages are either unpublished (draft) or published, and you can revert to any previously saved version.
  • The Sharing buttons at the end of posts and pages do not have a Google Plus option.
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Code without community

Code without community is like a car without roads. It might hum beautifully, but it can't go anywhere.

-Tom Geller
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