A Chat About Open Source with the Founders of Drupal and WordPress

On October 7 at SchipulCon 2011 in Houston, Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress, and Dries Buytaert, founder of Drupal, shared the stage for a fascinating question and answer session about their CMS platforms, their ecosystems, and open source in general.

Both founders are passionate about their software, passionate about their communities, and passionate about open source — not just as a way to write software, but as a way of life. In this honest exchange, Matt and Dries reveal the different origins and philosophies behind Drupal and WordPress that influence their strengths and weaknesses, and the two innovators explain how the platforms complement each other.

Problems with microphones mar the first four minutes of audio; the other fifty minutes are fine. Transcripts of a few of their answers are on the Schipul blog.

Service News

Outstanding Issues 9/30

We are working hard to have everything working smoothly, and while WordPress may have infinite possibilities, the time and personnel to implement them is finite. Below are some of the more bothersome issues we are tracking:

  • Guest Account Provisioning accounts are not able to authenticate on any of the blogs in the network. The problem has to do with the @ signs in the usernames. Currently, only normal Princeton netIDs can log in.
  • We do not yet have a simple solution for adding videos that use the PUVOD Flash streaming server.
  • We have some documentation, but not nearly as much as we would like.
  • Https works just fine, but forcing https by redirecting from http to https causes our load balancer to infinitely loop the redirect.
  • Our Movable Type users will have to suffer with that aging platform just a little while longer as we migrate dozens of sites.
  • There is not a separate server for staging content or a multistage workflow as with Roxen CMS. Posts and pages are either unpublished (draft) or published, and you can revert to any previously saved version.
  • The Sharing buttons at the end of posts and pages do not have a Google Plus option.
Presentations Top 12 Features You Aren’t Using

In this WordCamp San Francisco 2011 presentation, Sheri Bigelow talks about the "Top 10 12 Features You Aren’t Using – But Should Be!" (27:24).

This is an excellent presentation for new WordPress users, but it includes a few things that WordPress veterans may not know about, like the Post Revisions Easter egg at 18:30.

Presentations 5 Ways to Break your Blog

The travel funds aren't always available to go to conferences, but at least most of the sessions from the regional and national WordPress conferences (aka WordCamps) are posted online. I will occasionally repost some of the germane ones here. Presentation slides are after the break.

The first four minutes do not apply to a multisite blog, so you can skip ahead.

In this first one, Hanni Ross from Automattic talks about the "Top 5 Ways to Break Your Blog – and Fix It" (21:32)