Presentations Top 12 Features You Aren’t Using

In this WordCamp San Francisco 2011 presentation, Sheri Bigelow talks about the "Top 10 12 Features You Aren’t Using – But Should Be!" (27:24).

This is an excellent presentation for new WordPress users, but it includes a few things that WordPress veterans may not know about, like the Post Revisions Easter egg at 18:30.

Presentations 5 Ways to Break your Blog

The travel funds aren't always available to go to conferences, but at least most of the sessions from the regional and national WordPress conferences (aka WordCamps) are posted online. I will occasionally repost some of the germane ones here. Presentation slides are after the break.

The first four minutes do not apply to a multisite blog, so you can skip ahead.

In this first one, Hanni Ross from Automattic talks about the "Top 5 Ways to Break Your Blog – and Fix It" (21:32)