Colloquium Event

Undergraduate Colloquium: Professor Chrisitne Taylor

This coming week we are pleased to have Professor Christine Taylor at the colloquium. Professor Taylor whose interests include mathematical biology will be talking about links between game theory and evolutionary biology. Please note that the talk will be on Monday, in Fine 314.

Refreshments will be served. Hope to see you there!

Title:   Some Equations and Games in Evolutionary Biology

MONDAY Nov.11th 6:00 pm Fine 314

The basic ingredients of Darwinian evolution, selection and mutation, are
very well described by simple mathematical models.  In 1973, John Maynard
Smith linked game theory with evolutionary processes through the concept of
evolutionarily stable strategy.   Since then,  cooperation has become the
third fundamental pillar of evolution.  I will discuss, with examples from
evolutionary biology and ecology, the roles played by replicator equations
(deterministic and stochastic) and cooperative dilemma games in our
understanding of evolution.