Board Game Night Event

(Board) Game Night!!

Hey Nullset!

So we haven’t hung out in a while. That makes me pretty sad. I think I’m having board game deficiency syndrome. The symptoms highly resemble those that you get when you haven’t had coffee for a while, so I’m sure you can imagine how sad this is making me. But no worries, we can fix this. This Friday (11/8). At 9 pm. In the Fine Common Room. With (Board) Games. We’ve ordered some new ones, so hopefully they’ll come on time. In any case, I hear board game deficiency is super easily curable by playing board games. So why continue to suffer? Come play! Moreover, we’re inviting grad students this time!! So let’s see who rocks at board games more? 
Once again, that’s this Friday, 9, Common Room, BOARD GAMES
Love always,
Valya =)