Spring Mentoring Möbius Meeting – Food, Fun, and Updates!

Hello, math clubbers!
Well, I should really say Mentoring Möbius participants.
I hope you’ve had a great fall semester! We’ll be having a general reorientation meeting for Mentoring Möbius next Thursday, February 27th at 8:00pm in the Fine common room. If you haven’t met with your group yet, please do so before this meeting. At the reorientation, we’ll announce a change regarding Mentoring Möbius.
This change involves money, so you know it’s important. You better come to the meeting then. If you can’t make it, please shoot me an email!
Food and drinks will be provided as usual—if you have any food requests at all, let me know via email. Remember, this food is for you. Here’s to a great year together!