Colloquium Event

Undergraduate Colloquium, Monday Mar 3rd

When: 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm, March 3 (coming Monday)
Where: Fine 322
Who: Prof. Robert Gunning, who has been teaching advanced 215/217 sequence for the past two years. His research focuses on analysis 
What: here are the title and abstracts
Topic: What is a Riemann surface

The graph of a curve is a familiar construction in the real plane; the analogous construction for complex valued functions of a complex variable is a “curve” that is a 2-dimensional set in a 4-dimensional space. Such curves, aside from a few singularities, locally look just like pieces of the complex plane, so it is possible to carry out complex analysis on such “curves”, just as for the complex plane; but the global geometry introduces a rich and fascinating structure on these sets, called Riemann surfaces (following the work of B. Riemann).