Event Meet-Your-Professor Meal

Come Dine with Professor Dunham

Come Meet Professor Dunham, visiting professor and author of Journey Through Genius, this Thursday at 6 in the Butler Private Dining Room!


Sign up for “Meet Your Professor Dinner” here: https://wass.princeton.edu/pages/viewcalendar.page.php?makeapp=1&cal_id=1720

William Dunham is visiting Princeton this semester and teaching a Freshman Seminar titled “The Great Theorems of Mathematics.”  He is a historian of mathematics who has spoken at scores of institutions — e.g., Harvard, Penn, Swarthmore — and written multiple books on the subject — e.g., Journey Through Genius(1990), Euler: The Master of Us All (1999), and The Calculus Gallery (2005).   Except for the weather, he’s very much enjoying his term at Princeton, where he’s addressed the Mathematics Colloquium and given the 2014 Pi Day talk to the Math Club.  And he’s thrilled to be part of this “Meet Your Professor” dinner.