Course Advising Study Break on Sunday (4/21)

Come out to our extra special course advising study break in the Fine Hall common room on Sunday, April 21 at 7pm!
the joke is that the pton registrar doesn’t care if you’re missing prereqs LOL
Alec, I, and a variety of other cool folks will be there to answer questions like these!
1. What courses should I take in the fall? (mat345 and cos451, because I’m taking them :p)
2. Should I be a math major? (yes)
3. What’s your number? (609-555-0197)
i almost didn’t include this meme bc it felt too real
Ooh, I almost forgot to mention that there will be FREE SUSHI!!!
there’s definitely some way to approximate pi by counting sushi packed on a circular plate
We hope to see you all there! Your Math Club social chairs,
Alec Leng and Matt Yuan