Mathreach (teaching high schoolers)

Hey all,

Want to share your love of math and teach cool, outside-the-curriculum math topics to high school students?

Volunteer with MathReach, a group dedicated to expanding access to math enrichment! We teach on alternate Wednesdays and Fridays for 2-3 hours counting transportation. Schedule is flexible; you don’t have to come every time. Each volunteer teaches a group of 3-5 students. Lesson plans provided. Also, we have lunch with the students, so: free pizza!

Signup form here. More info below.

Mathematically yours,
Jenny Kaufmann


MathReach is a service program founded in 2016 in which Princeton volunteers teach fun enrichment math lessons (think Pascal’s Triangle, fractals, game theory, etc) to high schoolers at STEMCivics Charter, a school drawing from the Trenton public school district. Each volunteer typically teaches a group of 3-5 students. We encourage creativity and teaching in an interactive format, allowing students to ask questions and try to think things through themselves.

Our goal is to inspire a love of math and to get kids engaged, including those who struggle with or dislike the standard math curriculum. The kids at STEMCivics are majority-minority, and many come from low-income families. By and large, they do not have the kind of resources available to students at e.g. Princeton High School. Most of these kids would otherwise never have the opportunity to see any math besides whatever they learn in their classes. As someone who only discovered a love of math through extracurricular and enrichment activities, I believe it’s important to expand access to these sorts of enrichment programs.