Study groups for female math students

Hey ladies!

Looking for p-set buddies? Want to meet other women* who like math? Sign up for a Noetherian Ring study group! Each group gets one bubble teaor pizza delivery per week; just let me know when, what**, and where, and I’ll get the food to you.
We’ll make a group chat for each group, so folks can jointly decide when and where to meet.
Sign up here. To start, we’ll try having two study groups, one for students in 200 level math classes and one for students in 300+ level classes. You can work on p-sets, study, or honestly whatever, if some week you’d rather just hang out and play board games that’s cool too :)
Note: These study groups will replace the Wednesday night Noetherian Ring study sessions we had last semester.
Hope your semesters are off to a good start!
Jenny Kaufmann
Princeton University ’19

*Gender minorities welcome.
**Within reason, y’know, like $5 per person.