Sign up to give talks to undergrads!

Have you seen something cool in your classes/research/past lives that you want to show other people? Do you like talking about math with other students who like math? Then please sign up here to give an informal colloquium to your fellow undergraduates! We’ll find a day which works for you, reserve a room, buy some dinner (!), and send a summary of your talk to Nullset.
Talks should be accessible to first-year undergrads, so that everyone can gain something from your talk even if they don’t follow all the way through.
Some ideas:
  • if you’ve taken a reading course on something that not many people have seen, e.g. category theory, or logic/set theory
  • @seniors: tell us about your thesis! an intro to the background required for your thesis would also be very interesting.
  • a competition problem with a nice solution that connects to some field which you don’t usually encounter in math courses
Note: This time, we’re planning to have only one presenter per event, so that we won’t go overtime like last September (sorry!!).
Kind regards,
Alice and Gary, your advising co-chairs
In case sign-up link doesn’t work: