TLS highlights Zelda’s Sketches of Scott

Anne Margaret Daniel *99 w’ 86, who teaches literature at the New School University in New York and is writing about F. Scott Fitzgerald on stage and film, has published an article in the Times Literary Supplement highlighting Scott and Zelda’s time in Hollywood as seen through the sketches by Zelda on a 1927 telegram in the F. Scott Fitzgerald Papers: “Two Hearts: The Fitzgeralds in Hollywood, as Drawn by Zelda” (TLS, May 16, 2012).  An online version (including one of the sketches) can be accessed from the TLS website:  “The Fitzgeralds in Hollywood.”

Professor Daniel, who gave the keynote lecture at the Fitzgerald Centenary Conference in Princeton in 1996, recently published an article in the PAW on Gatz, the stage adaptation of The Great Gatsby: “Gatsby in full, on stage at McCarter: Cast of ‘Gatz’ views man­u­scripts before mem­o­rable per­for­mances”  (Prince­ton Alumni Weekly, Jan­u­ary 18, 2012).

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