Congrats to the winners of the Special Performance Recognition Awards!!!!!

We are delighted to announce that a group of staff from the Department of Rare Books & Special Collections has been given one of the University’s new Special Performance Recognition Awards. Charles Greene, Miriam Jankiewicz, Jennifer Meyer, Aaron Pickett, Vicki Principi, and Michael Siravo, who worked together to make sure that irreplaceable items were safely and securely moved to new RBSC space earlier this year, were each awarded $1,000. After a complex planning stage involving projecting the amount of shelving needed, broken down by specialized types (e.g., rare books of various sizes, manuscripts, framed objects), the team proposed the idea of protecting the items by using the boxing methodology at ReCAP. This idea saved at least $50,000 over the cost of commercially-produced boxes. For those special items that did require commercial boxes, the team formulated a plan for just-in-time delivery which saved several thousand more dollars in offsite storage and trucking costs. Finally, the team provided security for the successful move of the materials, which was completed on a very ambitious schedule. As an added benefit, the Library gained valuable experience that will be useful in planning future collection moves in the course of the Firestone renovation.

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