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Guest Account Provisioning users

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(Definitely not the real logo for the Guest Account Provisioning service)

Users logging into sites in our WordPress network over the past year may have noticed a message which stated that accounts created via the Guest Account Provisioning service were not supported. This was because the usernames for these accounts take the form of an email address.

We recently switched authentication plugins (and added two more related plugins), finally allowing these Guest Account Provisioning service users to authenticate to sites on this WordPress network just like other Princeton netID users. Site admins can assign roles to these users as they would to any other netID.

Anyone with a Princeton netID can sponsor a guest account user for up to one year (accounts are renewable upon request). For more information about these guest accounts, take a look at the OIT KnowledgeBase article “Guest Account Provisioning (GAP): Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).”