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Ken Ono talk on April 25

Our next talk comes from special guest Ken Ono! That’s what I call a hole in one for all of the Princeton Tigers.
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Who? Professor Ken Ono
What? The Riemann Hypothesis
When? Thursday, April 25th from 12:30-1:20pm (come a few minutes early for free food!)
Where? Fine Hall 314
Food? Sandwiches (please fill out the one question survey above so we know how much food to get, but if you don’t fill it out still feel free to come)
Abstract: The Riemann hypothesis provides insights into the distribution of prime numbers, stating that the nontrivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function have a “real part” of one-half. A proof of the hypothesis would be world news and fetch a $1 million Millennium Prize.

In this lecture, Ken Ono will discuss the mathematical meaning of the Riemann hypothesis and why it matters. Along the way, he will tell tales of mysteries about prime numbers and highlight new advances. He will conclude with a discussion of recent joint work with mathematicians Michael Griffin, Larry Rolen, and Don Zagier, which sheds new light on this famous problem.


If you would like to come, please fill out the one-question survey above (just so we know how much food to get).

We hope to see you there!
Your academic chairs,
Nathan and Tristan