Event Social

Boba this Saturday (3/9) at 4pm

[message from social chairs]
Goldbach’s boba conjecture states that if every even integer greater than 2 can be expressed as the sum of two primes, then boba is delicious.
Lesser-known forms of Goldbach’s conjecture.
We invite you to verify this conjecture by coming to the Fine Hall common room on Saturday at 4pm to get FREE BOBA!
Somebody went through great lengths to accurately simulate the motion of bubbles in tea. They even included the squish of the bubbles on the side of the cup!!
Here’s your chance to take a break from those psets, stab a cup with a pointy straw, and debate about the merits of calling it “boba” versus “bubble tea.”
Surject yourself onto our boba! (Shoutout to Saket Shah for constructing this beautiful isomorphism <3)
We hope to see everybody there! Your Math Club social chairs,
Alec Leng and Matt Yuan