Tokieda second talk Friday

[message from academic chairs]

Hi everyone, I have fantastic news. In addition to today’s colloquium, we will have a 2nd colloquium this week, on Friday March 8th!  Because next week is midterms week, this will be our last colloquium before Spring Break, so come enjoy a double dose of new math knowledge this week, while supplies last.

We will be featuring Professor Tokieda, a special guest from Stanford University here to give a talk on mathematics as applied physics. Depending on the weather, the best method to get to Fine that day may be via airplane or by boat.
Who? Professor Tadashi Tokieda
What? Mathematics as applied physics
When? Friday, March 8 at 4:30
Where? Fine Room 214
Food? Your choice of pizza and possibly a bonus surprise…
Abstract: Traditionally mathematics is expected to turn up unexpected applications in physics.  We will explore the reverse direction, a variety of examples where physics can be applied to discover, then to establish, results in mathematics.  
We hope to see you there!
Your academic chairs,
Nathan and Tristan