Event Social

PI Day Celebration 9:30pm Fine Hall Common Room

[message from social chairs, redacted]
Today is \pi PI DAY!!! (Shoutout to Heather Newman for letting me borrow one of her signature phrases.)
A bird’s pie view of some of tomorrow’s tasty treats.
Come join us in celebrating this momentous occasion at 9:30pm in the Fine Hall common room, where there will be pizza, pie, and board games!!
Saket and Igor, conspiring to conquer the world.
At 10:00pm we will be holding a pi-themed trivia game in Fine 314, and the winner will receive a super-special prize…
Super-limited edition!!!
…you thought that the math club hoodies were sold out, but we found exactly one left! We had it signed by the legendary Professor McConnell, making it the only such hoodie in existence. Come out tomorrow night for your chance to win it!
The man who invented “proof by viking.”
Your Math Club social chairs,
Alec Leng and Matt Yuan

For those of you trying to win the McConnell hoodie, here’s a sneak peak at tomorrow’s quiz categories! The final jeopardy will be about infinite series representations of pi.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 9.33.54 PM.png