Colloquium Event

Andrew Wonnacott talk on Tuesday (Apr 30)

We are having another undergrad colloquium this Tuesday 4/30 at 4:30 pm in Fine 110! Andrew Wonnacott (’19) will be speaking to us about category theory and why it’s useful.
Speaker: Andrew Wonnacott
Time: Tuesday 4/30, 4:30 pm
Place: Fine 110
Food: Pizza from Papa John’s
Abstract: A branch of mathematics known even to its creators as “general abstract nonsense” may sound useless. However, category theory provides insight through abstraction into the relations between formal logic, topology, abstract algebra, type theory, and software engineering.
I will give a friendly and accessible introduction to the core concepts of category theory and demonstrate how they can be used for formalize connections between logic and topology, summarizing a key result from PHI 312.
Then, I will explain what monads are and how a category-theoretic abstraction can help you become a better programmer. (Spoiler: My explanation is not “They’re just monoids in the appropriate category of endofunctors, what’s the problem?”)
I know everybody is busy during this last week of classes, but think of this as a fun way to relax and have a quick dinner while also learning about an important area of math!
RSVP hereHope to see you there!!
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