Colloquium Event

Ryan Chen talk on Friday (Apr 26)

We wanted to advertise another undergraduate math colloquium: Ryan Chen (’19) will be talking about arithmetic geometry this Friday 4/26 at 4:30 pm in Fine 214. It’s a great way to follow up from Ken Ono’s talk on Thursday–did you know that Ryan worked with Ken Ono last summer on modular forms?

Title: Integer points, Diophantine geometry, and moduli spaces
Time: 50 minutes, 4:30-5:20 pm
Place: Fine 214
Food: Boba
Abstract: Given a polynomial f(x,y) with rational coefficients, when does it have infinitely many integer solutions? This question is closely related with the geometry of the plane curve defined by f(x,y)=0. We discuss such problems and some underlying geometric ideas.

(Visualization of the Klein quartic – a projective algebraic curve with finitely many rational points. This may also be identified with a moduli space for generalized elliptic curves. Image taken from

Please let us know here if you’re thinking about attending so that we know how many teas to buy. Hope to see you there!


Alice and Gary, advising chairs

P.S. In case the link doesn’t work: