Graduate Info Session

The math department is sponsoring a math grad school info session tomorrow (Sunday) 3:00-4:30 pm in the Fine 3rd floor common room. It’ll be a pretty informal setup: We’ll have some grad students and current seniors and Prof. Serrano (who is on the math department’s graduate admissions committee) set up around the common room based on topic. They’ll be wearing name tags and you can go up to whoever you’d like to ask questions one-on-one. We’ll also have some catered snacks as well as bubble tea. It’s a great chance to meet other math students as well as to learn something about grad school :)
Here is a list of the planned topics:
  • Preparing for graduate school (which classes to take, research etc.)
  • General vs. math subject GRE
  • CV (vs. resume), personal statement, rec letters
  • How to make a list of grad programs to apply to, where to start looking and what to look for
  • Grad school in other fields (e.g. physics, CS, ORFE, quantitative bio)
  • What grad school is like day to day
  • Fellowships/gap-year options
Hope to see you there tomorrow!
Alice and Gary, math club advising chairs
P.S. @Seniors, if you aren’t too busy with your theses and you applied to math or math-related grad schools this year, please email me if you’d like to come and chat with people about your experiences!