Alumni Day honorees Kuczynski, Schmidt stress solutions for global challenges

The recipients of Princeton’s top alumni awards underscored solutions for the political and technological challenges of today and the future at the University’s annual Alumni Day on Saturday, Feb. 25. Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, president of Peru, spoke of a new age in Latin America, while Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google parent company Alphabet Inc., was positive about the power of technology to solve societal problems.

Their speeches in Richardson Auditorium kicked off campus activities for about 1,000 alumni and guests on a sunny, spring-like day. Alumni Day 2017 included lectures, workshops, family activities and the presentation of alumni and student awards.

Kuczynski, who earned a Master in Public Affairs in 1961 from Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, received the James Madison Medal, the University’s top honor for Graduate School alumni. Schmidt, a member of the Class of 1976, received the Woodrow Wilson Award, the University’s highest honor for undergraduate alumni. Read More

Manuel Gomez to participate at the World Summit of Nobel Laureates in Bogotá, Colombia

Manuel Castaño Interview/Article
Ivy Inspire, Kriyana Reddy and Manuel Castaño

For the first time since its founding, the World Summit of Nobel Laureates gathered in Latin America—in Bogotá, Colombia. A city healing from decades of armed conflict and social upheaval, Bogotá served as a hub for thousands of international summit participants and nearly 15 Nobel Peace Laureates. The colors and sounds of the city rang loud and proud for the first week of February when world leaders and peacebuilders gathered to exchange ideas and dialogue.

And against the backdrop of flourishing change and plans for peace, the summit’s youth program, Leading by Example, hosted over 500 passionate young adults from around the world. It was this program initiated by the Permanent Secretariat that welcomed the Ivy Council delegation of nearly 20 students to attend the summit. But for one Ivy Council delegate (and Ivy Inspire editor), Manuel Stefano Castaño, attending the summit transcended the entire framework of the youth program. Returning to the country called “home,” Castaño set foot on Colombian soil for the first time in nearly 20 years. After fleeing the country because of ongoing civil conflict with FARC, his recent return afforded him an experience that no other Ivy Council delegate could have even imagined—national pride and emotional reminiscence to last an entire lifetime.

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