The Math Club and the Noetherian Ring invite you to see Uniform Convergence, a one-woman play on mathematics and gender issues.
5:30-7pm. Location likely Dillon gym. For those interested in learning more about the math club and what we do. Freshman
Come to Math Club's  7:00pm screening of The Man Who Knew Infinity on Sunday, April 7 in Lewis 138! This 2015 biographical drama tells the story
Come see your fellow undergrad Alec Leng ('21) give a talk on knot theory this Friday afternoon. See below for
Hey Nullset! Below is a message from the organizers of the Princeton Puzzle Hunt:    Embark on an epic puzzle-solving
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.999918320214345&type=1&l=8b0c3860a4 --Matt Yuan, Social Chair
[message from social chairs, redacted] Today is $latex \pi$ PI DAY!!! (Shoutout to Heather Newman for letting me borrow one of
[message from academic chairs] Hi everyone, I have fantastic news. In addition to today's colloquium, we will have a 2nd
[message from social chairs] Goldbach's boba conjecture states that if every even integer greater than 2 can be expressed as
Have you seen something cool in your classes/research/past lives that you want to show other people? Do you like talking
Hey all, Want to share your love of math and teach cool, outside-the-curriculum math topics to high school students? Volunteer
Hey ladies! Looking for p-set buddies? Want to meet other women* who like math? Sign up for a Noetherian Ring study
[Email from Alice Lin] Hello my keen beans! I hope you're free next Thursday 3/7 at 6 pm--Professor Tadashi Tokieda
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.989379141268263&type=1&l=f97f0c2e31 Photo credits belong to Matthew Yuan, Social Chair.