Come out to our extra special course advising study break in the Fine Hall common room on Sunday, April 21 at 7pm! the joke is that
The Math Club and the Noetherian Ring invite you to see Uniform Convergence, a one-woman play on mathematics and gender issues.
5:30-7pm. Location likely Dillon gym. For those interested in learning more about the math club and what we do. Freshman
Come to Math Club's  7:00pm screening of The Man Who Knew Infinity on Sunday, April 7 in Lewis 138! This 2015 biographical drama tells the story
Come see your fellow undergrad Alec Leng ('21) give a talk on knot theory this Friday afternoon. See below for
Hey Nullset! Below is a message from the organizers of the Princeton Puzzle Hunt:    Embark on an epic puzzle-solving
https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.999918320214345&type=1&l=8b0c3860a4 --Matt Yuan, Social Chair
[message from social chairs, redacted] Today is $latex \pi$ PI DAY!!! (Shoutout to Heather Newman for letting me borrow one of
[message from academic chairs] Hi everyone, I have fantastic news. In addition to today's colloquium, we will have a 2nd
[message from social chairs] Goldbach's boba conjecture states that if every even integer greater than 2 can be expressed as
Have you seen something cool in your classes/research/past lives that you want to show other people? Do you like talking
Hey all, Want to share your love of math and teach cool, outside-the-curriculum math topics to high school students? Volunteer
Hey ladies! Looking for p-set buddies? Want to meet other women* who like math? Sign up for a Noetherian Ring study
[Email from Alice Lin] Hello my keen beans! I hope you're free next Thursday 3/7 at 6 pm--Professor Tadashi Tokieda