PLAS 2013 Senior Thesis Prizes Awarded

On June 3, 2013 PLAS held its annual Class Day Ceremony during which the winners of the Stanley J. Stein Senior Thesis Prize in Latin American Studies and the Kenneth Maxwell Senior Thesis Prize in Brazilian and Portuguese Studies were announced by Rachel Price, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures.

Stanley J. Stein Thesis Prize


Flora Thomson-DeVeaux ’13, a major in Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures with a certificate in Latin American Studies, for her thesis Sex, Death, and the Aristocracy:* The Universal History of Santiago Badariotti Merlo (*Although Not Necessarily in That Order)

Kenneth Maxwell Thesis Prize

Carly Therese De La Hoz ’13, a major in the School of Architecture, for her thesis The Favela Typology: Architecture in the Self-Built City

Honorable Mentions:
Andrea De Sá ’13, a major in the Woodrow Wilson School, for her thesis Brazil’s Nuclear Submarine Program: Navigating the Uncharted Waters of the Non-Proliferation Treaty

 Thomas Irby ’13, a major in History, for his thesis Military Rule in Brazil:  Narratives Concerning Human Rights and Development (1961-1978)

Congratulations to the prize winners and the entire graduating Class of 2013!

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