Puzzle Hunt

Hey Nullset! Below is a message from the organizers of the Princeton Puzzle Hunt:    Embark on an epic puzzle-solving journey with friends to test your analytical acumen and win fabulous prizes! Adventure through mind-blowing logic puzzles to solve a baffling mythological mystery! If you enjoy solving puzzles (or are just curious), Sign up HERE […]

Event Social

PI Day Celebration 9:30pm Fine Hall Common Room

[message from social chairs, redacted] Today is PI DAY!!! (Shoutout to Heather Newman for letting me borrow one of her signature phrases.) A bird’s pie view of some of tomorrow’s tasty treats.   Come join us in celebrating this momentous occasion at 9:30pm in the Fine Hall common room, where there will be pizza, pie, and board games!! Saket and Igor, […]


Tokieda second talk Friday

[message from academic chairs] Hi everyone, I have fantastic news. In addition to today’s colloquium, we will have a 2nd colloquium this week, on Friday March 8th!  Because next week is midterms week, this will be our last colloquium before Spring Break, so come enjoy a double dose of new math knowledge this week, while […]

Event Social

Boba this Saturday (3/9) at 4pm

[message from social chairs] Goldbach’s boba conjecture states that if every even integer greater than 2 can be expressed as the sum of two primes, then boba is delicious.   Lesser-known forms of Goldbach’s conjecture. We invite you to verify this conjecture by coming to the Fine Hall common room on Saturday at 4pm to get FREE BOBA!   Somebody went through great lengths […]


Sign up to give talks to undergrads!

Have you seen something cool in your classes/research/past lives that you want to show other people? Do you like talking about math with other students who like math? Then please sign up here to give an informal colloquium to your fellow undergraduates! We’ll find a day which works for you, reserve a room, buy some dinner (!), […]


Mathreach (teaching high schoolers)

Hey all, Want to share your love of math and teach cool, outside-the-curriculum math topics to high school students? Volunteer with MathReach, a group dedicated to expanding access to math enrichment! We teach on alternate Wednesdays and Fridays for 2-3 hours counting transportation. Schedule is flexible; you don’t have to come every time. Each volunteer teaches […]


Study groups for female math students

Hey ladies! Looking for p-set buddies? Want to meet other women* who like math? Sign up for a Noetherian Ring study group! Each group gets one bubble teaor pizza delivery per week; just let me know when, what**, and where, and I’ll get the food to you. We’ll make a group chat for each group, so folks can jointly decide […]


Talk by Professor Tadashi Tokieda (Stanford)

[Email from Alice Lin] Hello my keen beans! I hope you’re free next Thursday 3/7 at 6 pm–Professor Tadashi Tokieda from Stanford will be talking about math for a general audience, and I’m sure that it will be not only approachable but also fascinating! See below for more details. Best regards, Alice Fun bonus reading: […]